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This is it – the new face of Bedford Slims Partners and Affiliates. We have created this extension of Bedfordslims.com to provide a portal to the business side of things. In our first blog post, we’ll offer up some commentary on various changes and current state of things.


Distributors and Territories

One thing worth mentioning: for distributors and independent sales representatives, we like to offer exclusivity to certain territories. At this moment in time, some territories are claimed and many others are still freely available to the motivated individuals who wish to claim these as their own.


Our “GetAmbassador” Program

We are in the process of shutting down our ambassador program with GetAmbassador, for various reasons. We are merging the Royal Vapour Society ambassador program with our affiliate program, enabling ambassadors to make referrals using both coupon codes and tracking links.


We always urge our affiliates, ambassadors and distributors to reach out to us with questions or comments. Anything we can do to improve our programs are very much welcome!

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