With many territories around the world still unconquered, Bedford Slims is always interested in creating new relationships with distributors or independent sales representatives. Whether your focus is sales, distribution, or a little bit of both, we have an adaptable program that will meet every need.


Shelf Presence

When placed in a visible position on the shelf of a retail environment, Bedford Slims is a strong performer with unparalleled packaging and consumer appeal. Combining our attractive shelf presence with very memorable flavor options, retailers are quite certain to profit from our product line.


We’ll get you started with everything you need for Bedford Slims retail distribution. Whether you wish to make your wholesale orders through our website or by working directly with a Bedford Slims sales representative, our company will provide you our entire product line at your disposal with all necessary promotional materials to maximize retail revenues. Ready to get started? Use the form below to get in touch with us.

Independent Sales Representatives

For commission-desiring Independent Sales Representatives we offer the opportunity to do sales without the logistics portion that distributors face. Securing deals with new distributors or retailers yields recurring commissions for our Independent Sales Representatives, an attractive proposition without any need for warehousing of product. Sales reps are provided with whatever necessary marketing material to prepare for whatever questions or needs distributors may have. Interested in representing Bedford Slims? Please use the form below to reach us.

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