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teaslimThe Bedford Slims Ambassador Rewards Program – the Royal Vapour Society – is the ideal way to refer friends and family to Bedford Slims electronic cigarettes. If you have friends or family who smoke, this is the ideal opportunity to vape for free or earn money.

Our program is designed to enable everyone involved to benefit – not only will your friends or family members benefit from a tar-free lifestyle, but all ambassadors receive fair rewards for their participation in the program.

All of this in the name of cleaner air for everyone!

We provide our members with all of the means to promote our brand, including individualized discount codes, referral cards and web tracking links for blogs and social media.


Ambassador Commissions


Royal Vapour Society members can earn commissions in two forms: store credit or cash commission. Your commission is calculated by the purchase price multiplied by the commission percentage.


  • * Rank 1 (0-99 sales): 15% Commission on all Bedford Slims products.
  • * Rank 2 (100+ sales): 20% Commission on all Bedford Slims products.


Coupon Codes and Referral Cards


Members of the Royal Vapour Society are eligible to receive customized coupon codes that provide the recipient with a 15% discount coupon code that works with every order. When this code is used, the Royal Vapour Society member receives his or her commission.

These coupon codes can be shared both online and by word of mouth.


~ Sign Up For the Royal Vapour Society ~


Royal Vapour Society Referral Postcard Preview


Royal Vapour Society Postcards

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Bedford Slims Referral Cards